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Pilates and Parkinson's
Pilates and Parkinson's (February 2018)
Sarah Sessa - Author
Karen Pearce - Author

Offers a collection of Pilates exercises to benefit those with Parkinson’s.

This book is written for people with Parkinson’s, especially in the early stages who are looking for an exercise regime that will keep them strong, flexible, and as mobile as possible. This book is also an indispensable guide for Pilates instructors who may not have experience working with Parkinson’s clients. Physioth...(Read More)
Polishing the Bones
Polishing the Bones (December 2017)
Penelope Tarasuk - Author

An intimate portrayal of a woman’s unfolding inner journey through her Jungian analysis, her dreams, and her terminal illness as she is guided deeper into the mysteries of life and the extraordinary transformation of her death.

The true story of an unusually creative woman, Laura, following her life’s transformation and individuation, with all its longing, pain, transcendent beauty, love, and life&rs...(Read More)
The Ways of the Soul
The Ways of the Soul (November 2017)
A Psychiatrist Reflects: Essays on Life, Death and Beyond
Andrew Powell - Author

Goes beyond mechanistic explanations of human consciousness to offer insights into the soul and the deepest concerns of human existence.

Psychiatry has eschewed the spiritual dimension in pursuit of scientific credibility. Yet psychiatrists are daily confronted by problems of meaning and purpose that neither medical nor psychological treatments alone can relieve. However, a new post-materialist science is emergi...(Read More)
The Psychedelic Renaissance, Second Edition
The Psychedelic Renaissance, Second Edition (November 2017)
Reassessing the Role of Psychedelic Drugs in 21st Century Psychiatry and Society
Ben Sessa - Author

Examines the mind-manifesting properties of psychedelic drugs and assesses the scientific evidence supporting their potential clinical and therapeutic use.

Ben Sessa takes the reader on a journey through the fascinating history of psychedelic plants and chemicals, examining their role in human culture from prehistory to modern times. Based on a thorough review of scientific evidence, he makes a clarion call for a reevaluation ...(Read More)
Mud Lotus Mystic
Mud Lotus Mystic (September 2017)
The Poetry and The Practical, Methods of the Inner Journey
Cyrus Bruton - Author

A manual for learning to celebrate each moment, whether mundane, blissful, or painful.

This is a manual for the conscious experiencing and celebration of life as lived day by day; our natural state of peace, laughter, pain, love, and truth. This is life and one day we die, so how can we truly be here for each conscious moment with no postponement or absence? The author invites the reader through essays, methods,...(Read More)
Otherworlds (September 2017)
Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experience
David Luke - Author

Synthesizes scientific research on extraordinary experience occurring under the influence of psychedelics, including neuroscientific, psychological, parapsychological, anthropological, and transpersonal perspectives.

What is the evidence that psi experiences are experienced more frequently in non-ordinary states of consciousness? David Luke addresses this question, which is beyond the scope of materialist science, with a synthes...(Read More)
The Tawny One
The Tawny One (September 2017)
Soma, Haoma, and Ayahuasca
Matthew Clark - Author

Suggests that soma/haoma was probably originally a psychedelic drink made from plants with chemistry similar to ayahuasca.

The identity of the plant known as soma in ancient India and as haoma in the Zoroastrian tradition has, for around 250 years, exercised the wits and imagination of scores of scholars. This plant is praised in the highest terms—as a kind of deity—in both Zoroastrian...(Read More)
The Power Within
The Power Within (November 2016)
Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm
Tav Sparks - Author

Explores the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness and the nature of the inner healing principle in Grofian holotropic breathwork.

In a work full of wisdom and humanity, Tav Sparks explores the interface of consciousness, personal growth, numinous experiences, and the evolution of the collective psyche. Drawing on his expertise in holotropic breathwork and his interest in the perennial philosophy...(Read More)
Journey through Anxiety and Depression
Journey through Anxiety and Depression (October 2016)
Jonathan Pimm - Author

A guide to treatment options for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression are common words, but what do they actually mean and how do we distinguish normal human emotions from conditions requiring help and treatment? How do we choose between the bewildering variety of medical treatments and talking cures and how can we ask for the right sort of assistance if we need it?

Stormy moods, difficult relationships, self-harm, depression, underperforming, family and friends at their wit’s end, and nobody able to help. These are the hallmarks of personality disorder. But according to Dr. Tennyson Lee, it’s not your fault and there are treatments for your condition, but they are onl...(Read More)
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