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Revelations of Chance
Revelations of Chance (March 2007)
Synchronicity as Spiritual Experience
Roderick Main - Author

Explores the plausibility and value of viewing synchronicity as a form of spiritual experience.

In this fascinating book, Roderick Main examines meaningful coincidence or what Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung called synchronicity. Moving beyond Jung’s psychological theory, he explores the plausibility and value of viewing synchronicity as a form of spiritual experience and clarifies connections between the phenomenon ...(Read More)

The Syndetic Paradigm
The Syndetic Paradigm (February 2007)
The Untrodden Path Beyond Freud and Jung
Robert Aziz - Author

Offers a new theoretical paradigm that goes beyond the limitations of Freudian and Jungian psychological models.

In The Syndetic Paradigm, Robert Aziz argues that the Jungian Paradigm is a deeply flawed theoretical model that falls short of its promise. Aziz offers in its stead what he calls the Syndetic Paradigm. In contrast to the Jungian Paradigm, the Syndetic Paradigm takes the critical theoretical step o...(Read More)
The Transcendent Function
The Transcendent Function (January 2004)
Jung's Model of Psychological Growth through Dialogue with the Unconscious
Jeffrey C. Miller - Author
Joan Chodorow - Foreword by

A close examination of the heart of Jung's theory of psychological growth and individuation.

The transcendent function is the core of Carl Jung's theory of psychological growth and the heart of what he called individuation, the process by which one is guided in a teleological way toward the person one is meant to be. This book thoroughly reviews the transcendent function, analyzing both the 1958 version of the seminal e...(Read More)
Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World
Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World (November 2003)
Michael Washburn - Author

Presents an account of human development from a depth-psychological, transpersonal perspective.

Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of human spirituality will find something of value in Michael Washburn's new book. Drawing on a rich variety of psychoanalytic, Jungian, and existential-phenomenological sources and on both Western and Asian spiritual texts, Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World provides a theo...(Read More)
Lives in Spirit
Lives in Spirit (August 2003)
Precursors and Dilemmas of a Secular Western Mysticism
Harry T. Hunt - Author

Explores the roots of modern transpersonal psychology and spirituality through psychobiography.

Lives in Spirit
explores the dynamic conflicts that both energized and distorted the spiritual development of key precursor figures of a contemporary secular or "this-worldly" mysticism. With its historical roots in the early Gnostics and Plotinus, this characteristically Western spirituality re-emerges with the se...(Read More)
The Connectivity Hypothesis
The Connectivity Hypothesis (July 2003)
Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Consciousness
Ervin Laszlo - Author
Ralph H. Abraham - Foreword by

Provides the foundations of a genuine unified field theory.

Ervin Laszlo, widely regarded as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, introduces the foundations of a genuine unified theory of the world in this pioneering treatise on the new sciences. In contrast to other unified theories that center mainly on physics, Laszlo's embraces quantum, cosmos, life, as well as consciousness. He delineat...(Read More)
Psychosynthesis (September 2002)
A Psychology of the Spirit
John Firman - Author
Ann Gila - Author

A comprehensive account of Roberto Assagioli’s psychosynthesis, a type of therapy that addresses both spiritual development and psychological healing and growth.

Conceived by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, psychosynthesis is one of the first Western psychologies that addresses both spiritual development and psychological healing and growth by recognizing and supporting the particular life journey of th...(Read More)
Revisioning Transpersonal Theory
Revisioning Transpersonal Theory (November 2001)
A Participatory Vision of Human Spirituality
Jorge N. Ferrer - Author
Richard Tarnas - Foreword by

A participatory alternative to the perennialism and experientialism dominant in transpersonal psychology.

In his striking debut, Jorge N. Ferrer deconstructs and reconstructs the entire transpersonal project, articulating a more sophisticated, pluralistic, and spiritually grounded transpersonal theory. He brings recent ideas in epistemology and the philosophy of science to bear upon core issues in the psychology and p...(Read More)
Unconscious Wisdom
Unconscious Wisdom (April 2001)
A Superego Function in Dreams, Conscience, and Inspiration
Dan Merkur - Author

Contra both Freud and Jung, argues that the unconscious is not exclusively irrational.

In a detailed engagement with the psychoanalytic theories of dreams, conscience, empathy, and creativity, Dan Merkur argues that the superego is an unconscious reasoning process, dedicated to the representation of the loved object. The superego's access to the repressed and devotion of time to single topics make it both more knowledgea...(Read More)
Psychology of the Future
Psychology of the Future (July 2000)
Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
Stanislav Grof - Author

Summarizes Grof's experiences and observations from more than forty years of research into non-ordinary states of consciousness.

This accessible and comprehensive overview of the work of Stanislav Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, was specifically written to acquaint newcomers with his work. Serving as a summation of his career and previous works, this entirely new book is the source to introd...(Read More)
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