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The Light of Consciousness
The Light of Consciousness (June 1984)
Explorations in Transpersonal Psychology
Richard D. Mann - Author

"I regard this book as a highly important synthesis of psychology, cosmology, mystical experience, and religious thought. The author combines the experiential and the theoretical with great skill. There is not a false note in the book. There were plenty of issues where an author of lesser authority could have fallen on his face. Mann never does. I also like the fact that a person of Mann's obvious gifts has undertaken a study of the mystical ex...(Read More)
Meditate (June 1980)
First Edition
Swami Muktananda - Author

Swami Muktananda belongs to the rare and ancient lineage of Siddhas, self realized masters who are known for their ability to awaken the spiritual potential in others. Revered in his own country and tradition for his spiritual attainment and the universality of his teaching, he has in recent years become one of the most highly regarded meditation masters in the world.

In these pages he offers, in straightforward and of...(Read More)
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