A Concordance to Juan Ruiz Libro de Buen Amor

Edited by Rigo Mignani, Mario A. Di Cesare, and George F. Jones

Subjects: Poetry
Hardcover : 9780873953221, 328 pages, June 1977

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Table of contents

Appendix I (Prose and Fragments)
Appendix II (Word frequency alphabetically)
Appendix III (Word frequency by frequency)

An exhaustive alphabetical list of all the principal words that were used in Libro de Buen Amor.


This book represents the first concordance of Juan Ruiz's Book of Good Love (Libro de Buen Amor), written in the fourteenth century. The volume's editors, dealing with three slightly different manuscripts, have chosen to meticulously integrate the language from all three editions into one thorough concordance. The result is a significant work that serves as a companion to Ruiz's work that would be vital to any study of medieval Spanish linguistics.

In addition to the usual material to be found in a concordance, this book has the following features: the text appears in diplomatic transcription from the manuscripts, for fidelity, while the entry list of words has been partly normalized as for spelling, for convenience; an extensive list of homographs; no omission of high frequency words; frequency list at the end; no reproduction of bulky and difficult computer printout. The book has been photocomposed from the tape.


"A welcome addition to the tools for studying the Old Spanish language. " — Medium Aevum