A Promise Kept

By Joseph Giannola

Subjects: Fiction
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337602, 292 pages, August 2011

Table of contents

1. The Search
2. The All Hollows
3. The Telling
4. The Unimaginable Happens
5. The Dark Days Return
6. The Second Pact
7. The Choosing
8. The Journey Begins
9. The First Encounter
10. A Small Detour
11. Surprises and More Surprises
12.   A Narrow Escape
13. Hope for the Future
14. The Truth Be Known
15. Into the Unknown
16. A New Challenge
17. The Unexpected
18. Unfinished Business

A thrilling adventure and a tale of our time, this is the story of Jared’s mythic quest to fulfill an ancient promise and save his people from endless war and spiritual poverty.


"Without our gift of love mankind would eventually destroy itself in endless wars. So a time must come when you will be called upon to bring this gift to those on the outside … So it will be up to you to keep our promise. "

When Jared chooses to leave the crater that has sheltered his people from wars and killings for hundreds of years, he doesn't really comprehend what drives him to do so and that he has undertaken to fulfill the promise made long ago by the Centaurs—beings who by nature can do no one any harm and who have imparted this nature to Jared and his people. He also doesn't fully understand the risk of not being able to find the hidden way back within the time allotted to do so.

Away from his people, Jared encounters not only violence, killings, and war, but also friendship, kindness, and love—the balance between good and evil that was a sign for Jared's people to venture outside. So when he finally comes to appreciate the real purpose of his journey, he must face the challenge of finding his way back with the news and convincing his people the time had come to fulfill the promise. And in the process, armed only with one weapon—the Centaurs' precious gift of love—he must try to overcome a ruthless, greedy king who is intent on killing him and his people.

Joseph Giannola works as a lawyer and lives the active life of a seeker of the world's mysteries.