Abraham Lincoln and American Political Religion

By Glen E. Thurow

Hardcover : 9780873953344, 133 pages, June 1976

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Table of contents


I. Introduction: Religion and Politics

II. Reverence for the Laws

III. Equality and Justice

IV. The Gettysburg Address and Sacred Politics

V. The Second Inaugural and the Limits of Politics

VI. Conclusion: Transcending Politics

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Lincoln's major public speeches are examined in this analysis of his attempt to create a political religion through his language of intense religious feeling.


"Lincoln scholarship benefits from Thurow's work for it further reduces the artificial gap between the images of the ordinary politico of Illinois and the great statesman of the White House. " — The Journal of American History

"A tightly argued and thought-provoking book. It should be welcomed by anyone interested in Lincoln or the Founding. " — The American Political Science Review