After Freud

By Mary Elsie Robertson

Hardcover : 9780873954624, 169 pages, June 1981

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After Freud is the first novel truly to one-up Freudian insights with feminist ones, and in a fresh, witty manner. As a writer, Mary Elsie Robertson is a real craftswoman; hers is an original, hilarious, moving, and very American voice.


Thus Robin Morgan (Contributing Editor, Ms. Magazine) describes Mary Elsie Robertson's Novel about a world which is after Freud and yet which is all too often Freudian in its underpinnings. The novel is the story of the narrator's journey towards understanding her brotherly/sisterly marriage and learning to balance roles as writer, mother, and woman in a world that she moves through, for a long time, as an innocent.

The experiences Robertson describes will be familiar to all readers of contemporary fiction about American women. What Robertson makes of these experiences is a surprise that points to a better understanding of our timeless turmoil over love and marriage, over bonds and freedom.

After Freud is a co-winner of the first annual Novel Competition sponsored by the Associated Writing Programs (AWP), a national non-profit organization of writers and writing programs supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Mary Elsie Robertson lives in Brockport, New York. She is also the author of a book of short fiction,Jordan's Stormy Banks and Other Stories, and two novels for children, Jemimalee and Tarantula and Red Chigger.