Arabic Logic

Ibn al-Tayyib on Porphyry's Eisagoge

Edited and translated by Kwame Gyekye

Hardcover : 9780873953085, 245 pages, June 1979

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Table of contents


Logic in Medieval Islam
Porphyry's Eisagoge : Its Subject Matter
Some Points of Philosophical or Logical Interest in this Book
Greek Commentaries on the Eisagoge
Syriac Translations and Commentaries on the Eisagoge
Arabic Translations and Commentaries on the Eisagoge
Abu al-Faraj 'Abd Allah Ibn al-Tayyib
The Manuscripts
The Format of Ibn al-Tayyib's Commentary
Its Relation to the Alexandrian Commentaries


English Translation of the Arabic Text



Glossary of Arabic-Greek Logical Terms


Index of Proper Names

Index of Arabic Terms Referred to in the Introduction and Commentary


This translation of Ibn-al-Tayyib's work on Porphyry's Eisagoge brings to the English readers a significant book in Near Eastern logic that has been discussed and excerpted by major philosophers such as Tusi, Averroes, and Avicenna. It has also been the source of philosophical discussions on topics of logic by Boethius, Abelard, Ockham and others. Gyekye has clarified the Arabic link between Greek and Latin traditions with his translation, detailed explanations and text analysis of this 11th century philosopher's commentary on the Eisagoge, a work which is itself based on Aristotle's Categories and Metaphysics.