Beyond Populism

By Candido Mendes
Translated by L. Gray Cowan

Hardcover : 9780873958035, 112 pages, June 1977

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Table of contents

Translator's Note
Author's Introduction

1. The Historical Overview
2. General Framework
3. The Gap Between Development and Democracy
4. The Resort to Violence
Political Strikes
Bank Robberies and Skyjacking
5. The Actors in the Confrontation
6. The Style of the Intelligentsia


A theory of political change (from populism to authoritarianism), citing the various facets of confrontation in Latin American society as case histories.


An original, provocative interpretation of the political evolution of the major Latin American countries in the past few years is presented with special emphasis on diverse forms of social confrontation by the minority opposition. One of the few books to deal with seemingly irreversible shift from populism to technocratic-military and authoritarian regimes.

Candido Mendes is President of Candido Mendes University in Rio de Janeiro. L. Gray Cowan is Dean of the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the State University of New York at Albany.