Books on Israel, Volume I

Edited by Ian S. Lustick

Series: SUNY series in Israeli Studies
Paperback : 9780887067778, 111 pages, February 1988
Hardcover : 9780887067761, 111 pages, February 1988

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Table of contents

Views on Israel's Current National Agenda
Russell A. Stone
The Voice of a Sociologist; The Task of an Historian; The Limits of a Paradigm
Ian Lustick
Yitzhak Tabenkin and Berl Katznelson
Ben Halpern
Zionism in Context
Mattiityahu Mintz
Discontinuities of Elite Recruitment in Israeli Society
Baruch Kimmerling
Political Discourse in Israeli Literature
Donna Robinson Divine
Ethnic Factors in Israeli Literature
Walter Zenner
Israeli Foreign Policy
Barry Rubin
The Study of Israel's National Security
Avner Yaniv
Scholarship on Jewish-Arab Relations: Fifty Years Ago and Today
Don Peretz
Arab Writing on Israel: From Catastrophology to Normalcy
Nissim Rejwan
Religion and Politics in Israel
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi


Books on Israel provides professional students of Israel and the general public with an informative and up-to-date survey of books and ideas about Israeli society—ethnic relations, religious life, cultural trends, history, politics, and literature. Included in this volume are Nissim Rejwan's fascinating discussion of books on Israel published in the Arab world; Avner Yaniv's analysis of changing Israeli ideas about security and military strategy; Don Peretz's discussion of scholarship on Arab-Jewish relations; Ben Halpern's profile of Yitzhak Tabenkin and Berl Katznelson, and Ian Lustick's provocative critique of Eisenstadt's The Transformation of Israel.

This volume and the series which it inaugurates provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and the discussion of new directions in the study of Israel. Important works on Israel published in other languages will now be available to English-speaking audiences. At a time of rapid transformation in many spheres of Israeli life, this collection will inform and invigorate debates over Israel's past, present, and future.

Ian S. Lustick is Associate Professor of Government at Dartmouth College.