Britain's Economic Prospects Reconsidered

Edited by Alexander K. Cairncross

Hardcover : 9780873951746, 244 pages, June 1972

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Table of contents

Preface By the Provost of Ditchley
Introduction By Sir Alec Cairncross
1. The Role of Demand Management
R. C.O. Matthews
2. Fiscal Policy and Stabilization in Britain
G. D.N. Worswick
3. Trade and Payments
G. D.N. Worswick
4. Labour Policies: Productivity, Industrial Relations, Cost Inflation
E. H. Phelps Brown
5. Industrial Policies and Growth
M. V. Posner
6. Report of the Conference Sessions
C. A. Blyth
7. Second Thoughts on Britain's Economic Prospects
R. E. Caves
8. Concluding Reflections
Alec Cairncross
Appendix: Membership of the Conference