Chinese Through Song

By Hong Zhang, Zu-yan Chen, and Robert Daly

Subjects: Music, Asian Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781586841225, 155 pages, January 2001

Table of contents

Introduction—On a New Approach to Language Acquisition
User’s Guide
Chinese Singing Terms
Basic Singing Techniques
1. Song of Mount Ali 阿里山之歌
2. Kangding Love Song 康定情歌
3. The Olive Tree 橄榄树
4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 一二三四五六七
5. In That Distant Place 在那遥远的地方
6. Tangyuan For Sale 卖汤圆
7. Jasmine Flower 茉莉花
8. Path in the Forest 林中的小路
9. Every Time 每一次
10. The Farm Path 乡间的小路
11. Small Town Stories 小城故事
12. Wedding Vow 婚誓
13. A Sprig of Plum Blossoms 一剪梅
14. I Have Nothing 一无所有
15. Longing 思念
16. Husband and Wife Return Home in Pairs 夫妻双双把家还
17. The Curved Moon 弯弯的月亮
18. Stride a While 潇洒走一回
19. Blood-stained Valor 血染的风采
20. Descendants of the Dragon 龙的传人

DIALOGUE I: Talking About Singing 谈歌唱
DIALOGUE II: At a Concert 在音乐会上
DIALOGUE III: Talking About American Music 谈美国音乐
Glossary of Musical Terms and Symbols
Vocabulary Index

An innovative approach to language acquisition using Chinese folk and popular songs.


Chinese Through Song represents an innovative approach to language acquisition: students develop their language proficiency and music appreciation through learning Chinese songs. They expand their vocabularies and improve their pronunciation, voice projection, and language expression—all while learning about Chinese culture in a way that is full of fun and stimulation.

The book contains twenty folk, art, and popular songs. It may be used in several ways: as the main textbook for an interdisciplinary, intermediate level course; as a supplement to regular Chinese language classes; as a resource for extracurricular activities; and as a general songbook.

Hong Zhang holds degrees in Voice Performance and is Senior Lecturer of Chinese at Binghamton University–SUNY. Zu-yan Chen is Professor in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies and Director of the Confucius Institute for Chinese Opera at Binghamton University–SUNY. Robert Daly is Director of the Maryland China Initiative at the University of Maryland.