Civilizing Globalization

A Survival Guide

Edited by Richard Sandbrook

Subjects: Geography
Series: SUNY series in Radical Social and Political Theory
Paperback : 9780791456682, 292 pages, January 2003
Hardcover : 9780791456675, 292 pages, January 2003

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Table of contents

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Introduction: Envisioning a Civilized Globalization
Richard Sandbrook

Part 1: Globalization: Who Gains? Who Loses?

Core Issues

1. Who Gains and Who Loses? An Economic Perspective
Albert Berry

2. Globalization, Neoliberalism, and Health
David Coburn

3. Latin America: Inequality, Poverty, and Questionable Democracies
Judith Teichman

4. Globalization versus Cultural Authenticity? Valentine's Day and Hindu Values
Anil Mathew Varughese

Part 2: Adjusting Global Markets to Social Needs

Core Issues

5. Core Labor Standards: An Incremental Approach
Heather Gibb

6. Protecting the Environment from Trade Agreements
Michelle Swenarchuk

7. Financing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Future
Rodney R. White

8. Arts and Culture in World Trade: Promoting Cultural Diversity
Garry Neil

9. Currency Transaction Tax: Curbing Speculation, Funding Social Development
Joy Kennedy

Part 3: Reforming Global Governance and Institutions

Core Issues

10. Paths to Reforming Global Governance
Robert O'Brien

11. Democracy and Globalization
Frank Cunningham

12. Recasting the World Trade Organization
Jens L. Mortensen

13. Can Development Assistance Help?
Cranford Pratt

14. Reforming Global Governance: The Continuing Importance of the Nation-State
Louis W. Pauly

Part 4: Building a Global Countermovement

Core Issues

15. Globalization-from-Below: An Innovative Politics of Resistance
Richard Falk

16. Seattle: Global Protest Comes of Age
Robert Weissman

17. Globalization-from-Below: Letter from Honduras
Hans Edstrand

18. Transnational Union Strategies for Civilizing Labor Standards
Rob Lambert and Eddie Webster

Conclusion: Alternative Globalization
James H. Mittelman

Afterword: A New Urgency: Civilizing Globalization in an Era of Terrorism
Richard Sandbrook



Discusses the many facets of globalization in easy to understand language.


Many citizens suspect that the ecological, social, cultural, and political costs of free-market globalization are too high. Yet at the same time they often lack the technical knowledge to assess complex proposals intended to deal with these issues. Written by a uniquely diverse group of academics, policy analysts, and activists, Civilizing Globalization presents in clear, non-technical language the dangers of unfettered global markets, as well as a new vision of globalization regulated to respect social and ecological needs. The contributors show that it is morally and practically imperative to begin thinking about how to deal with this crisis. While no one book can provide a single comprehensive and integrated plan, this volume gives direction and highlights the issues that will be debated for years to come.

Richard Sandbrook is Professor of Political Science at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto. He is the author of many books, including most recently, Closing the Circle: Democratization and Development in Africa.