Comparative Legislative Reforms and Innovations

Edited by Abdo I. Baaklini & James J. Heaphey

Hardcover : 9780873958059, 353 pages, June 1977

Table of contents

Introduction: Legislative Reforms and Public Administration

Abdo I. Baaklini

1 Legislative Reforms and Innovations in the US Congress

Statutory Reporting Requirements: Information and Influence for Congress

John R. Johannes

Patterns of Congressional Staffing: The House Committee on Appropriations

Khaled M. Kayali

Use of a Staff Agency By the Congress: Experiences of the Congressional Research Service Under the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970

Norman Beckman

2 Legislative Reforms and Innovations in the States

Legislatures as a Force for Government Accountability: The Organizational Challenge of New Tools of Program Review

Edgar G. Crane

Legislatures and Information Systems: Challenges and Responses in the States

John A. Worthley

Institutional Development and Legislature Effectiveness: Rules Changes in the Wisconsin Assembly

Ronald D. Hedlund
Keith E. Hamm

Administrative Impact of New Legislation

Richard Nunez
Joseph Whorton

3 Legislative Reforms and Innovations in Selected Countries

Legislative Reforms in the Brazilian Chamber of Duties 1964-1975

Abdo I. Baaklini

Structural Adjustments of the Danish Parliament in the Twentieth Century

Erik Damgaard

Innovations and Reforms in Indian Parliament

R. B. Jain

Legislative Reforms in Lebanon

Abdo I. Baaklini