Cult of the Serpent, The

An Interdisciplinary Survey of Its Manifestations and Origins

By Balaji Mundkur

Paperback : 9780873956321, 384 pages, June 1983
Hardcover : 9780873956314, 384 pages, June 1983

Table of contents

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1. Interpreting the Fascination of Serpents

2. Factors that Arouse Awe Factors that Arouse Awe
Beliefs Rooted in Ambivlanet Awe
Awe Induced by Ophidian Body Form and Behavior
Serpent-Handling Societies 3. The Cult of the Serpent Amidst Other Animal Cults The Invertebrates
Canidae,br> Ursidae
Survivals of Ophidian Traditions among Northern People 4. The Serpent as a Sexual Symbol Conceptual Associations
Some Pertinent Artistic Expressions 5. The Biological and Protocultural Expressions of Ophidiophobia The Stimulus of Visual Patterns
Ophidiophobis in the Nonhuman Primates
Ophidiophobia in the Human Primate
Ophidian Imagery and the Subconscious Mind
Societal Anxieties and Fears 6. The Wider Implications Anthropological Perspectives
Psychoanalytical Perspectives
The Holistic Perspective Notes and References
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