Cure, Care, or Control

Alcoholism Treatment in Sixteen Countries

Edited by Harald Klingemann, Jukka-Pekka Takala, and Geoffrey Hunt

Subjects: Health And Society
Series: SUNY series in New Social Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
Paperback : 9780791410608, 341 pages, September 1992
Hardcover : 9780791410592, 341 pages, September 1992

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Geoggrey Hunt, Harald Klingemann, and Jukka-Pekka Takala

Present State and Prospects of Treatment of Alchoholism in the Soviet Union
N. N. Ivanets, I. P. Anokhina, V. F. Egorov, Y. V. Valentik, and S. B. Shesterneva

The Development of an Alcohol-Treatment System in Hungary
Zsuzsanna Elekes

The Odyssey of the Polish Alcohol-Treatment System
Jacek Morawski

Therapeutic Communities and Aftercare Clubs in Yugoslavia
Branko Lang and Jasna Srdar

Dissolving the Swedish Alcohol-Treatment System
Pia Rosenqvist and Noriko Kurube

Finland: The Non-Medical Model Reconsidered
Jukka-Pekka Takala and Juhani Lehto

From Alcoholism to Problem Drinking: Alcohol Treatment in England and Wales, 1945-1990
Geoffrey Hunt, Jenny Mellor, and Janet Turner

Treating Alcohol Problems in New Zealand: Changes in Policies, Practices, and Perspectives
Liz Stewart and Sally Casswell

The Role of Alcohol Treatment in a Consensus Democracy: The Case of the Swiss Confederation
Harald Klingemann

Treatment-Seeking and Treatment-Reluctant Alcoholics: A Two-Class Alcohol-Treatment System in Austria
Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl

The Italian Paradox: Treatment Initiatives and Falling Alcohol Consumption
Flavio Poldrugo and Roberto Urizzi

The Rise of Alcohology in France: A Monopolistic Competition
Philippe Mosse

Rapid Growth and Bifurcation: Public and Private Alcohol Treatment in the United States
Constance Weisner and Patricia Morgan

Alcoholism Treatment in Canada: History, Current Status, and Emerging Issues
Brian R. Rush and Alan C. Ogborne

The Alcoholism Treatment System in China
Zhang Yanyi

Alcohol-Treatment Issues in Nigeria: Traditional Healers and Modern Psychiatry
Adebayo Olabisi Odejide, Jude Uzoma Ohaeri, Moruff Adelekan, and Benson Adebowale Ikuesan

Afterword: Common Directions and Remaining Divergences
Jukka-Pekka Takala, Harald Klingemann, and Geoffrey Hunt




Harald Klingemann is Head of the Research Department at the Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol Problems, Lausanne and he is previous publications include "Common Sense Knowledge about Social Problems: Structural Characteristics and Explanatory Factors; and The Social Context of Spontaneous Remission from Problematic Alcohol Use. Jukka-Pekka Takala is a researcher at the National Research Institute of Legal Policy. Geoffrey Hunt is a research and evaluation consultant with the county of Santa Clara in California. His previously published work includes Cohesion and Division: Drinking in an English Village; Darts, Drink and the Pub: The Cutlure of Female Drinking; Thinking about Drinking; Prayers and Piecework: Inebriate Reformatories in England at the End of the Nineteenth Century; and Wretched, Hatless and Miserably Clad: Women and the Inebriate Reformatories.


"This particularly interesting and useful work, which takes full account of the views of specialists in the alcohol treatment field, is based on a knowledge of actual conditions in sixteen countries, and describes the many different ways in which these countries are tackling the over-consumption and abuse of alcohol. Beyond the diversity of approaches, what stands out is the determining influence of the sociocultural environment in which alcohol abuse occurs. " -- Michael Lucas, Chef de l'Inspection Generale des Affaires Social, France

"The alcohol treatment field has for much too long suffered under the hegemony of narrow and exclusive doctrines in particular jurisdictions. By exposing the many alternatives that are available throughout the world, this volume will help to spell the end of ideology and the beginning of a better considered and more flexible approach to our greatest public health problem.

"In reading this well-crafted and solid volume, one immediately becomes aware of the degree to which working within a particular country tends to make one oblivious of alternative approaches to the provision of treatment. If progress is dependent upon correcting this species of myopia, this book provides the spectacles that are needed.

"Different countries have taken fundamentally different pathways toward the common goal of comprehensive and effective treatment. This fundamental contribution is both an excellent guide to alternative approaches and an indispensable side to planning. No jurisdiction contemplating a reassessment of its treatment efforts should fail to consult it. " -- Dr. Frederick B. Glaser, Study Director for "Broadening the Bases of Treatment" and Executive Director, Substance Abuse Center, University of Michigan

"This book is absolutely necessary for anyone who has to manage or plan alcohol treatment facilities. The reader will derive from it cogent arguments for changing existing alcohol policies, as well as compelling grounds for a very critical scrutiny of the alcohol treatment system of one's own country.

"Countries differ in interesting ways in their alcohol treatment systems, but they have also very interesting features in common. This book illustrates clearly the shift that has occurred in many countries in the conceptualization of alcohol problems form a moral issue to a disease model, and now to a complex of socio-psycho-medical issues. " -- Dr. J. A. Walburg, Director of the Jellinekcentrum, Instituut voor Alcohol & Drugpreventile, Amsterdam