Death Brain Death and Ethics

By David Lamb

Paperback : 9780887061226, 120 pages, September 1985
Hardcover : 9780887061219, 120 pages, September 1985

Table of contents



1. Introduction

2. Death: Concept and Criteria

3. Three Formulations of Brain Death

4. The Brain, the Brainstem, and the Critical System

5. Higher Brain, Whole Brain, and Lower Brain Formulations

6. Criteria for Death

7. Death: Process or Event?

8. Brain Death and Personal Identity

9. Ethics and Brain Death

10. Brain Death and the Slippery Slope




Dramatic changes in medical technology challenge mankind's traditional ways of diagnosing death. Death, Brain Death and Ethics examines the concept of death against the background of these changes, as well as ethical and philosophical issues arising from attempts to redefine the boundaries of life.

In this book, David Lamb supports the use of brain-related criteria for the diagnosis of death, and proposes a new clinical definition of death based on both medical and philosophical principles. Death, Brain Death and Ethics articulates the case for a brain death standard, while presenting an informed viewpoint on what constitutes the end points of human life.

Although the book is written from a philosophical standpoint, it raises fundamental questions regarding the meaning of life and death, and will interest lay-persons, lawyers, and physicians. Death, Brain Death and Ethics is sure to prompt discussion and reflection on some of the philosophical beliefs which underlie clinical practice.