Defense Policy Formation

A Comparative Analysis of the McNamara Era

By Clark A. Murdock

Hardcover : 9780873952521, 209 pages, June 1974

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Table of contents


1. Defense Policy Formation and Weapons Innovation under Eisenhower Characterization of the Policy Formation Process under Eisenhower
Weapons Innovation in the 1950s
Case Study-- Air Defense Policy in the 1950s 2. Defense Policy Formation and Weapons Innovation under McNamara Defense Policy Formation under McNamara
Weapons Innovation under McNamara
Case Study-- Ballistic Missile Defense Policy under McNamara 3. Comparison of Weapons Innovation Policy

4. More Recent Evaluations of McNamara and Some Comments on Policy-Making under Laird Recent Appraisals of McNamara
Defense Policy-Making under Melvin Laird Notes


When Robert McNamara became U. S. Secretary of Defense, he introduced a new mode of making policy decisions: systems analysis. In Defense Policy Formation, Clark Murdock examines what effects this systems analysis had on policy-making process both in th