Disturbed Youth and Ethnic Family Patterns

By Rita F. Stein

Hardcover : 9780873950466, 287 pages, June 1971

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Table of contents


Marvin K. Opler

Special References

1. Cultural Roots in Adolescent Adjustment Problems and Goals of Study
The Family
Theories of Personality and Adolescent Development
The Family, Ethnicity, and Social Class 2. Ethnic Groups focus on Ethnic Groups and Social Class
Profile of the Ethnic Groups Used in This Study
Frames of Reference and Hypotheses 3. Methodological Procedures Selection of Samples
The Measuring Instruments
Problems of Sampling and Data Collection Plan of Analysis 4. The Census Schedule Demographic Characteristics
Home Status and Kinship Structure
Index of Social Position 5. Clinical Abstracts The Irish-American Disturbed Group
The Italian-American Disturbed Group
Summary 6. The Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) Methodological Organization
EPPS Analysis
Summary 7. Life-Space Drawing Focused Projective Interpersonalization
The Life-Space Drawing: Pattern of Choice
Modal Life-Space Drawing
Drawing 8. Tennessee Department of Mental Health Self Concept (TDMH) Tennessee Department of Mental Health Self-Concept Scale
A Point of View 9. The Questionnaire Intrafamilial Relationships
Pattern of Home Rule, Infringement, and Punishment
Conceptions of Self in Relation to One's World
Achievement Orientation
Social and Recreational Activities
Dating Patterns and Attitudes
Summary 10. Summary and Conclusions Summation
Implications for Social Psychology
Further Research
Freedom for Creative Intelligence Appendixes I. Supplementary Tables
II. Edwards Personal Preference Variables Defined (20:5)
III. Clinical Abstract-- Presenting Problem
IV. The Questionnaire Bibliography


Considers ways in which the traditions and values of Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans affect the behavior of emotionally disturbed adolescent boys from the two ethnic groups.