Environmental Science in Perspective

By Thomas G. Spiro & William M. Stigliani

Paperback : 9780873954280, 236 pages, October 1985


This book, requiring little background in science, examines environmental concerns in four broad areas: energy, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere. The authors provide scientific insight into such issues as: dwindling natural gas and petroleum resources; fission and fusion as energy sources; CO2 build-up and the green-house effect; automobile emission control; acid rain; toxic waste disposal; lead, mercury, and cadmium poisoning; and environmental links to cancer.

The book presents both sides of these controversial issues in view of the science and technology involved. It provides the reader with a balanced understanding of today's environmental debates. (Problem sets are included and an answer manual is available. )

Thomas G. Spiro is Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University. William M. Stigliani is Research Associate, Atmospheric Research Center, State University of New York at Albany.