Essays in Economic Management

By Alexander K. Cairncross

Hardcover : 9780873951739, 219 pages, June 1971

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This collection of essays covers the whole field of the relations between government and industry and the ways in which government attempts nowadays to control the economy. It considers the possibilities of monetary and fiscal policy in demand management and outlines their limitations; it also deals with economic forecasting and planning and the role of economists in government.

Since the death of Sir Dennis Robertson there has been a dearth of economic essays of this readability. Once again, we have a book which a large public will enjoy—both the informed reader and the non-expert—and which students are likely to find in their lists of recommended reading. This is the authentic voice of experience.

Sir Alec Cairncross's previous book, Factors in Economic Development, appeared about the time he became Economic Advisor to H. M. Government. This follows shortly after his retirement from the position of Head of the Government Economic Service. Sir Alec is now Master of St. Peter's College, Oxford.