Eros and Culture

By Alphonso Lingis

Paperback : 9780873957960, 178 pages, June 1984
Hardcover : 9780873957977, 178 pages, June 1984

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Excesses is a very successful attempt to break out of the closets in which we conceptualize our identity and our eros. Lingis has travelled to, and participated in, some of the last remaining oases of "primitive" cultures. He combines an obvious poet's eye with a not-so-obvious philosophical ability to discriminate systematically and to generalize. We are helped to see the shape—and limitations—of one of our own cultural identity through the amazing contrasts which Lingis sets up like screens for our inspection.


"You can count on this book being controversial. " — Bruce Wilshire

"Excesses is one of the most creative and provocative books to have appeared in recent years. Lingis effectively combines brilliant philosophical reflection and passionate personal exploration. The result is a work which will engage readers and generate debate for years to come. " — Mark C. Taylor