Existence, Truth, and Probability

By Hugues Leblanc

Paperback : 9780873954501, 466 pages, June 1980
Hardcover : 9780873953801, 466 pages, June 1980

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This book includes some of the most original and influential contributions to logic and the philosophy of logic during the past twenty years. It contains thirty-five essays, many of which started new trends in logic. For example, some of the essays in Part One gave birth to what is now known as free logic, and some of the essays in Part Two were among the earliest contributions to what is now known as truth-value semantics. The essays in Part Three are contributions to and improvements of already extant logics, such as intuitionistic logic, natural deduction, and the logic of sequents. Introductions to the parts of the book cover the history of the contributions and their importance. The essays have been thoroughly revised since their publication in learned journals.

Hugues Leblanc, Professor of Philosophy at Temple University, has written many books and articles on logic and semantics. A former Fulbright Scholar and Guggenheim Fellow, he is past president of the Society for Exact Philosophy and treasurer of the Association for Symbolic Logic.