Experimental Phenomenology

An Introduction

By Don Ihde

Paperback : 9780887061998, 155 pages, June 1986
Hardcover : 9780887061981, 155 pages, June 1986


Experimental Phenomenology has already been lauded for the ease with which its author explains and demonstrates the kinds of consciousness by which we come to know the structure of objects and the structure of consciousness itself. The format of the book follows the progression of a number of thought experiments which mark out the procedures and directions of phenomenological inquiry. Making use of examples of familiar optical illusions and multi-stable drawings, Professor Ihde illustrates by way of careful and disciplined step-by-step analyses, how some of the main methodological procedures and epistemological concepts of phenomenology assume concrete relevance. Such formidable fare as epoche, noetic and noematic analysis, apodicticity, adequacy, sedimentation, imaginative variation, field, and fringe are rendered into the currency of familiar examples from the everyday world.

Don Ihde is Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, as well as Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts. He is the author of several books.


". ..the unencumbered style of the book and prolific use of concrete examples makes the content accessible both to the beginning student of philosophy and to the intelligent layman. " — Review of Metaphysics

"An important and much needed contribution to the field of phenomenological philosophy. " — Choice