Gender and Work

A Comparative Analysis of Industrial Societies

By Patricia A. Roos

Series: SUNY series in the Sociology of Work and Organizations
Paperback : 9780887060328, 233 pages, June 1985
Hardcover : 9780887060311, 233 pages, June 1985

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Table of contents



1. Differences about Differences

2. Getting the Evidence

3. Men's and Women's Ministry: Different?

4. What Kind of Minister Is Involved?

5. Situational and Background Factors

6. The View from the Pew

7. The Big Picture




A cross-cultural study of gender differentiation in employment, this book holds controversial implications for future research in the field. In an analysis of 12 industrial countries, Patricia Roos isolates the effects of gender, family background, education, and marital status, among other variables, on the types of jobs that men and women hold and on their occupational mobility.

The consistency of the results suggests historical, cultural, and political traditions of a country have little impact on the kinds of jobs that women and men have. Rather, patterns of occupational sex segregation reflect structural features common to all modern industrial societies. This book is a milestone in the research on sex and marital differences in employment, occupational distribution, and earnings.

Patricia A. Roos is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.