Good Thunder

By John Solensten

Hardcover : 9780873957120, 214 pages, June 1984

The award-winning tale of a Native American youth and his quest…


A young halfbreed grows to manhood in a modern-day Native American community on the Dakota prairie. The boy's search is for roots, for self-understanding, for the mysterious father who has always been so far, yet so near, and for survival on the dividing line between two often-antagonistic cultures. The novel focuses on a critical year when the boy is nearly eighteen and all the major conflicts in his life come to a violent climax.

Good Thunder is a panorama of real life in today's West—the rhythms of nature beside the great Missouri River, the ruthless exploitation of natural resources, and the raw vitality of life in a land where memories of Rosebud and Wounded Knee remain bitter.

John Solensten, who describes himself as a "tough-minded regionalist," teaches English at Concordia College in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition to his novel, Mr. Solensten has published poems in a number of magazines, has had two plays produced in Minneapolis and New York, and has a short story collection, Heron Dancer.


"Written with lyricism and passion. " — Gail Godwin

"What John Solensten knows that most of us seem to forget is that in an ordinary life, the line between tragedy and the triumph over that tragedy is fragile but sometimes possible. " — NewsArt