Governing New York State, Fifth Edition

Edited by Robert F. Pecorella & Jeffrey M. Stonecash

Subjects: New York State Government
Paperback : 9780791466926, 454 pages, February 2006
Hardcover : 9780791466919, 454 pages, February 2006

Table of contents

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Part I. Political Conflicts and Their Representation


Introduction: The Sources of Conflict
Jeffrey M. Stonecash


1. The Two New Yorks in the Twenty-first Century: The City and the State
Robert F. Pecorella


2. Political Conflict and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations
Donald S. Boyd


3. Political Parties and Elections
Jeffrey M. Stonecash and Amy Widestrom


4. Third Parties in New York
Robert J. Spitzer


5. Interest-Group Lobbying in New York State
Rogan T. Kersh


6. Reporters and Politicians in Albany: Access, Reciprocity, and News Management
Elizabeth Benjamin

Part II. Political Institutions and Decision Making


Introduction: State Government Institutions
Gerald Benjamin


7. New York’s Governorship: “What Happens Now?”
Gerald Benjamin and Elizabeth Benjamin


8. The Legislature, Parties, and Resolving Conflict
Jeffrey M. Stonecash


9. New York’s Courts
Brian J. Nickerson and Thomas W. Church


10. Other Governments: The Public Authorities
Keith M. Henderson

Part III. Public Policy


Introduction: Public Policy in New York
Jeffrey M. Stonecash


11. The Economy, Taxes, and Policy Constraints in New York
Stephanie Lundquist and Amy Widestrom


12. The Politics of State Education Aid: Is “Demography Destiny”?
Robert F. Pecorella


13. Contested Futures: Public Policy and The State University of New York
Henry Steck


14. Health Care in the Empire State: Expanding Access and Escalating Costs
Jeffrey Kraus


15. Social Services
Sarah F. Liebschutz


16. The Politics of Transportation
Jeffrey M. Stonecash


17. Environmental Policy in New York
Thomas A. Birkland


18. Guide to Research on New York Politics
Sarah F. Liebschutz


List of Contributors

Essays on New York State government and politics.


Because of its great diversity, New York State has more extensive social and political conflict than most states. In this indispensable guide to New York State politics, political institutions, and public policy, experts analyze how these conflicts are organized and represented, and how the political process and political institutions work to seek to resolve them. This newly updated edition of the classic text contains significantly revised material and many new contributors.

The essays examine conflicts between New York City and the remainder of the state, and between federal, state, and local governments. The role of major political parties, third parties, interest groups, and the media are covered, along with political institutions that shape the political process—the governor, the legislature, the courts, and the public authorities. Finally, Governing New York State investigates such major policy areas as the economy, taxes, local education, higher education, heath care, welfare, transportation, and the environment.

Robert F. Pecorella is Associate Professor of Government at St. John's University. He is the author of many books, including Community Power in a Postreform City: Politics in New York City. Jeffrey M. Stonecash is Professor of Political Science at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. He is the author of many books, including (with Mark D. Brewer and Mack D. Mariani) Diverging Parties: Social Change, Realignment, and Party Polarization. Pecorella and Stonecash are both Professors-in-Residence of the New York Assembly Intern Program.