Governing New York State, Fourth Edition

Edited by Jeffrey M. Stonecash

Subjects: New York State Government
Paperback : 9780791448885, 380 pages, February 2001

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Introduction to the Volume
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

I. Political Conflicts and Their Representation

Introduction to Part I: Political Conflicts and Their Representation
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

1. The Two New Yorks Revisited: The City and The State
Robert F. Pecorella

2. Political Conflict and Intergovernmental Relations: Federal-State and State-Local Relations
David S. Liebschutz and Sarah F. Liebschutz

3. Political Parties and Elections
Mark D. Brewer and Jeffrey M. Stonecash

4. Third Parties in New York
Robert J. Spitzer

5. The Influence of Interest Groups
David Louis Cingranelli

6. Media Coverage of State Politics
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

II. Political Institutions and Decision-Making

Introduction to Part II: State Government Institutions
Gerald Benjamin

7. New York's Governorship: Back to the Future?
Gerald Benjamin and Robert C. Lawton

8. The Legislature, Parties, and Resolving Conflict
R. Eric Petersen and Jeffrey M. Stonecash

9. New York's Courts
Thomas W. Church and Brian J. Nickerson

10. Other Governments: The Public Authorities
Keith M. Henderson

III. Public Policy

Introduction to Part III: Public Policy
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

11. The Economy, Taxes, and Policy Constraints in New York
Mark D. Brewer and Jeffrey M. Stonecash

12. The Politics of Local Education
Edward Schneier

13. Contested Futures: Public Policy and the State University of New York
Henry Steck

14. Health Policy in New York State: Market Models and Access Issues
Alice Sardell and Harvey Catchen

15. Ending Welfare as We Know It
Harvey Catchen

16. The Politics of Transportation
Jeffrey M. Stonecash and Mitchell H. Pally

17. Environmental Policy in New York
Gary Weiskopf and David L. Markell

18. Guide to Further Research on New York Politics
Sarah F. Liebschutz

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An indispensable guide to New York State's politics, political institutions, and public policies.


New York State, because of its great diversity, has more extensive social and political conflict than most states. Governing New York State: Fourth Edition provides expert assessment of how these conflicts are organized and represented, and how the political process and political institutions work to resolve them. This newly updated fourth edition of the highly successful Governing New York State contains significantly revised material and covers more topics than the prior edition.

To explain conflicts and their representation, separate chapters review the conflicts between New York City and the rest of the state, and the conflicts that exist between the federal, state, and local governments. The role of the major political parties in organizing and representing broad coalitions of differing groups is examined, along with the role of third parties, interest groups, and the media. Also addressed are the development and role of political institutions that shape the political process–the governor, the legislature, the courts, and the public authorities–and how these institutions affect the representation of, and responsiveness to, various groups. Finally, Governing New York State investigates the major policy areas of the state: the economy, taxes, local education, higher education, health care, welfare, transportation, and the environment.

Contributors include Gerald Benjamin, Mark D. Brewer, Harvey Catchen, Thomas W. Church, David Louis Cingranelli, Keith M. Henderson, Robert C. Lawton, David S. Liebschutz, Sarah F. Liebschutz, David L. Markell, Brian J. Nickerson, Mitchell H. Pally, Robert F. Pecorella, R. Eric Petersen, Alice Sardell, Edward Schneier, Robert J. Spitzer, Henry Steck, Jeffrey M. Stonecash, and Gary Weiskopf.

Jeffrey M. Stonecash is Professor of Political Science at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and Professor-in-Residence of the New York Assembly Intern Program. He is the author of Class and Party in American Politics.


"…the most up-to-date and comprehensive survey of government and politics in the state of New York. " — Howard A. Scarrow, author of Parties, Elections, and Representation in the State of New York