Governing New York State, Third Edition

Edited by Jeffrey M. Stonecash, John Kenneth White, and Peter W. Colby

Paperback : 9780791417904, 395 pages, January 1994

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I. Conflict and Its Representation

Introduction: Political Conflicts and Their Representation
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

1. Political Conflict in New York State
John Kenneth White

2. Racial Politics in New York State
Ester R. Fuchs and J. Phillip Thompson

3. Political Conflict and Intergovernmental Relations: The Federal-State Dimension
Sarah F. Liebschutz

4. The Role of the State in the Finances of Cities and Counties in New York
Steven D. Gold and Sarah Ritchie

5. Political Parties and Partisan Conflict
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

6. Third Parties in New York State
Robert J. Spitzer

II. Government in New York

Introduction: The Government of New York State
John Kenneth White and Peter W. Colby

7. The Governorship in an Era of Limits and Change
Gerald Benjamin and Robert C. Lawton

8. The Legislature: The Emergence of an Equal Branch
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

9. The State of the Executive Budget
Robert P. Kerker

10. Lobbying in New York
David Louis Cingranelli

11. Media Coverage of State Politics
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

12. Other Governments: The Public Authorities
Keith M. Henderson

III. Public Policy

Introduction: Public Policy in New York State Today
Peter W. Colby and John Kenneth White

13. Taxes and Policy Debates in New York State
Jeffrey M. Stonecash

14. Primary and Secondary Education
Robert Berne

15. How Good and How Large a State University? Dilemmas of Higher Education Policy in New York State
Henry J. Steck

16. Health Policy in New York State: Health Care Needs and System Reform
Alice Sardell

17. Welfare Policy in New York State
Harvey Catchen

18. Federal Mandates, State Policy Coalitions, and Hazardous Waste Management in New York State
Robert F. Pecorella

19. The Politics of Transportation in New York State
Jeffrey M. Stonecash and Mitchell H. Pally

20. New York State in Comparative Perspective
Peter W. Colby

21. A Brief Guide for Further Research
Peter W. Colby and Jeffrey M. Stonecash




This new edition of Governing New York State (formerly New York State Today) provides the latest on New York State politics, government, and public policies. The text is two-thirds new material. Covered for the first time are racial politics in New York, political conflict, the press, tax policy, environmental issues, and transportation policy. While continuing to provide a comprehensive introduction to New York State politics and government, the third edition contains fewer, more in-depth articles.

Jeffrey M. Stonecash is Professor in the Department of Political Science, the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. He has been Professor-in-Residence in the New York State Assembly since 1984. John Kenneth White is Associate Professor of Politics at the Catholic University of America and editor of the SUNY series on the Presidency: Contemporary Issues. He was coeditor of the second edition of this book. Peter W. Colby is Professor of Public Administration and Director of the Master of Public Administration Program, University of Central Florida, and the editor of the SUNY Series in Public Administration. He was editor of the first edition of this book and coeditor of the second edition.


"What I like most about this book is the way it compares to the existing literature on New York politics. It stands, in my opinion, as the best single source of information on New York politics and government currently available. "—Edward Schneier, City College of New York

"This new edition contains several attractive new features. Particularly valuable are the organization of Part I under the theme of political conflict and the additions of chapters on school finance, the State University, the media, and racial politics. "—Howard Scarrow, State University of New York, Stony Brook