Heartbeats in Stones

By Pamela Uschuk

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337176, 52 pages, August 2010

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Table of contents

Through the Dark, A Brilliance

The Horseman of the Crass and Vulnerable Word

With Its Toll of Char

Meditations Beside Kootenai Creek

Planting Tigritas After Snow in April

A Dream, My Child

Peeling the Kitchen

Career Move

Geometry Lesson

Smooth Razor

Bell Note

The Egyptian Rooms

Laundry List on the Back of a Maple Leaf

On Any Desert Sunday Morning

Saving the Cormorant on Albemarle Sound

Love Note on a Monday Morning in North Carolina

Another Wife Sees Her Love Off to War

We Thought No One Could See Us

Blossoming in Lilith’s Garden

Fighting the Cold


Ramming the Portuguese Man–O–War

On Our 14th Wedding Anniversary


The poet's eye never misses the incongruity of things that cuts to the bone, "an obsidian scalpel of love" that keeps racing with her in the space between life and death, adoration and hatred. It may be that "balance is axiomatic," but always it is imperiled, a saving grace necessary, and the eye nervously glancing between heaven and earth.

"Pamela Uschuk is a political poet, defiant in the face of injustice, as well as a poet of Eros. She's nobody's fool. She resurrects in her poems the brutalized, the murdered, the lost of the world—those who have no voice of their own. She pulls them close. And when she turns to the world's gliding wonders, she does so with a precise eye and everything she sees is absorbed by her uniquely compassionate voice. "

—Dennis Sampson, author of Constant Longing and Needlegrass