Housing New York

Policy Challenges and Opportunities

By Michael J. Wolkoff

Paperback : 9780791403549, 161 pages, August 1990
Hardcover : 9780791403532, 161 pages, August 1990

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This book offers an opportunity to learn about housing markets in New York, to discover a methodology for examining housing issues in other locations, to identify a series of issues that are likely to shape policy making in the future, and to profit from an analytic discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of state policy responses.

The author conducts an in-depth examination of housing market conditions in New York State, and by making detailed use of extensive micro-data, he develops a comprehensive portrait of these conditions.

Michael J. Wolkoff is Deputy Chairman of the Department of Economics and a member of the Public Policy Analysis faculty at the University of Rochester.


"Housing policy and governmental options are currently very important topics in the country and in New York State. Wolkoff's discussion of general housing policy issues and of rent control are important contributions to the policy debate. He clearly lays out the argument in the debates, and provides empirical information with which to judge the magnitude of the problems and the extent of intervention that might be necessary to achieve particular policy goals. " — Anne M. Reisinger, Columbia University