Hudson, The

A Guidebook to the River

By Arthur G. Adams

Hardcover : 9780873954068, 337 pages, June 1981

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This is the first comprehensive guide to the Hudson since the works of Ernest Ingersoll were published in the early 1900s. It arrives to fulfill the need for a new detailed, point-by-point guide to the river from its intersection with the Atlantic to its source in the Adirondacks.

Five possible routes for the traveler are given: directly up the main steamboat channel, road routes on the east and west shores, and rail routes along the east and west shores. The road routes follow the riverbanks as closely as possible and also provide excursions to the many points of historical interest and contemporary development in the river valley. Maps provide detailed guides for excursions.

For both armchair and actual travelers, Arthur Adams has condensed his considerable knowledge of the natural river, navigation, regional history, and the architecture along the river in this book. Many excerpts from American authors provide perspectives on the valley from other eras, and Adams combines descriptions of well-known events in American history, such as Benedict Arnold's meeting with Major Andre, with the stories of ordinary people and origins of place names that deepen one's feeling for the river. Contemporary economic development is also noted, and the fluctuating economic fortunes of river towns and always changing patterns of residence and employment are noted.

From the Abyssal Plain to Doodletown and Chevaux-de-Frise, past Anthony's Nose, Burdens Iron Works, and the Saratoga Battle Field to the Hudson's source at Lake Tear of the Clouds, this Guidebook provides practical information and enjoyable perspectives. Take it along!

Arthur G. Adams is President of the Hudson River Maritime Center, Inc. , and Vice-President of the Steamer Alexander Hamilton Society. He is the editor of The Hudson River in Literature: An Anthology, also published by SUNY Press.