In Time of Storm

Revolution, Civil War, and the Ethnolinguistic Issue in Finland

By Pekka K. Hamalainen

Hardcover : 9780873953757, 172 pages, June 1979

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Table of contents


A Note on Placenames

Chapter One
The Framework and the Scene

Chapter Two
Socioeconomic and Ethnolinguistic Cleavages and Socialism

Chapter Three
Socialist Gains, the Process of Radicalization, and the Ethnolinguistic Issue

Chapter Four
The Reds and the Ethnolinguistic Issue

Chapter Five
The Whites and the Ethnolinguistic Issue

Chapter Six
The Origins, Causes, and Nature of the Civil War and the Ethnolinguistic Issue

Chapter Seven



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At the end of World War I in many European societies, hitherto hidden or suppressed rivalries and tensions between competing socioeconomic and ethnolinguistic groups burst to the surface in violence, revolution, civil conflict, and civil war. The author of this book attempts to make a contribution toward the unraveling of these phenomena by exploring them within the context of one European society, Finland, and analyzing the complex and intertwining relationships between revolution and civil war on the one hand and ethnolinguistic and socioeconomic cleavages on the other.