Islam and the Medieval West

Edited by Stanley Ferber

Paperback : 9780873958028, 254 pages, June 1979

Table of contents



Lenders to the Exhibition


Islamic Chronology

Muslim Decorative Arts and Painting - Their Nature and Impact on the Medieval West
Richard Ettinghausen

Islamic Ceramics: A Source of Inspiration for Medieval European Art
Rudolf Schnyder

The Two Sicilies
James D. Breckenridge

Islamic Architecture and the West - Influences and Parallels
Oleg Grabar

Islamic Art and the Medieval West - The State of the Question
Stanley Ferber


General Bibliography


Illustrated catalogue of crafts exhibition and collection of papers of the Ninth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, SUNY Binghamton, May 1975.


"A descriptive entry and an illustration—seven in excellent color reproductions—of each of the more than 125 objects in various media that were included in the show … The five specialists' papers that precede the catalogue offer a variety of perspectives on the artistic relationships between Islam and the Medieval West … The book constitutes a handbook of use both to the student and the specialist. Recommended. " — CHOICE