Islam and the Medieval West

Aspects of Intercultural Relations

Edited by Khalil I. Semaan

Paperback : 9780873954556, 172 pages, June 1979
Hardcover : 9780873954099, 172 pages, June 1979

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K I Semaan, SUN Y- Binghamton

Commercial Relations Between the Near East and Western Europe from the VIIth to the XIth Century

Claude Cahen, University of Paris

On the Origin and Development of the College in Islam and the West

George Makdisi, University of Pennsylvania

Islamic Sciences and the Medieval West: Pharmacology

Albert Dietrich, University of Göttingen

Early Islamic Theologians on the Existence of God

Joseph van Ess, University of Tübingen

The Spanish Reconquest: A Cluniac Holy War Against Islam

Vicente Cantarino, University of Texas

The Role of al-Andalus in the Movement of Ideas Between Islam and the West

Anwar Chejne, University of Minnesota


George F. Hourani, SUNY-Buffalo

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Six internationally known scholars focus on such important cultural activities of the Middle Ages as education, scholastic theology, pharmacology, international trade, the Clunia Holy War against Islam, and the movement of ideas from East to West. Contributors who first submitted these papers at the Ninth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies at SUNY Binghamton include: George Makdisi, Claude Cahen, J. Van Ess, Albert Dietrich, Vicente Cantarino, and Anwar Chejne.

Dr. Khalil I. Semaan has published seven books and more than thirty articles in scholarly journals, all on a wide range of topics relating to Middle East culture. A professor of Arabic Studies at SUNY Binghamton, he was coordinator of the conference on that campus at which these collected papers were presented.