Jnaneshwar's Gita

A Rendering of the Jnaneshwari

By Swami Kripananda
Introduction by Shankar G. Tulpule

Paperback : 9780791400470, 370 pages, June 1989
Hardcover : 9780791400463, 370 pages, July 1989


"Jnaneshwar wrote his commentary not simply through the intellect but in the complete freedom of divine inspiration. He has depicted the very heart of the Lord. " — Swami Muktananda, from the Preface

"As a generous giver refuses no one, the Gita gives nothing less than final liberation to one who reads, hears, or understands it. " — Jnaneshwar Maharaj

"In Jnaneshwari we have a marvelous text, a tremendous sustained sermon on life with a sweep and gusto, a piling on of imagery, and a development of simile that is almost numbing in its power. " — Dr. Ian M. P. Raeside, from the Foreword

"If, after Jnaneshwari, anyone tries to write more on the Gita, it will be as if he were dressing a dish full of nectar with pieces of coconut shell. " — Eknath Maharaj