Latin America in Transition

Problems in Training and Research

By Stanley R. Ross

Hardcover : 9780873950688, 150 pages, June 1970

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This collection of interdisciplinary papers and commentaries focusing on research problems in Latin America was presented at a conference held 22–23 March 1968 at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. It represents one of the first attempts by experienced scholars to discuss prerequisites and problems for researchers in terms of the methods and approaches, and training needed for field work in Latin America.

The authors are distinguished contemporary authorities, both North American and Latin American, and they focus attention on the problems of interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Although more problems are raised than solutions found, frank discussion resulted in a number of suggestions to the U. S. academic community to stimulate a reappraisal of the programs preparing scholars to go abroad. The volume contains papers presented by the principal speakers, panelists, discussants, and commentators. Professor Ross's introduction summarizes the salient points presented in the papers and discussions and includes an extensive examination of Project Camelot.