Moral Values and Higher Education

Edited by Dennis L. Thompson

Subjects: Education
Paperback : 9780791407943, 179 pages, January 1991
Hardcover : 9780791407936, 179 pages, January 1991

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Table of contents



Academe-The Institutions and the Individuals: An Introduction to a Discussion of Morals in Higher Education
Dennis L Thompson

1. Moral Values in Higher Edition
Abraham Kaplan

2 The Role of a Western University in Forming a Social Morality
James H. Billington

3 Human Awareness and Moral Values in Higher Education
Ivana Marková

4 Education and Social Morality
Bruce C. Hafen 5 Walking a Certain Fine Line
Robert Coles

6. On the Moral Responsibilities of Universities
Noel B. Reynolds

7 History, Morality, and the Modern University
Warren Bryan Martin

8 Can the Humanities Still Humanize Higher Education?
James T. Laney

9 Moral Values and Higher Edition
Jeffrey R. Holland

10 The Moral Responsibilities of Universities
Terrance Sandalow



In this book, eleven prominent scholars discuss the moral condition of contemporary society and the appropriate response from universities. Specifically, they address such issues as the extent to which university curriculums should treat ethics or human values; what universities and faculties should do to improve the moral thinking and responsibility of students; and what contributions universities can make in improving the morality of society in general.

Dennis L Thompson is Associate Academic Vice President at Brigham Young University.