Nieuw Pfalz, Book 1

The Burial

By David Appelbaum

Subjects: Poetry, New York/regional
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337145, 53 pages, August 2010

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An epic poem on the people and history of New Paltz, New York.


The force that
a man is welded
to his calcine home
an embryo soul–
of one and the same

Nieuw Pfalz is a epic poem in several volumes. It tells the story, the history, of the place that the town of New Paltz, New York, occupies: the primal forces that compose it, the native peoples and their conquerors, as well as historical and fabulous figures.

Book 1, "The Burial," centers on an escape artist, Peter Novalis, who visits the town in the 1880s. Half con-artist, half prophet, his career highlights the events that envelop the town.