Petrarch, Laura, and the Triumphs

Edited by Aldo S. Bernardo

Hardcover : 9780873952897, 233 pages, June 1974

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Table of contents


Introductory Notes

1. Laura and the Critics

i. De Sanctis

ii. Croce

iii. Calcaterra

iv. Contini

v. Bosco

vi. Noferi

vii. Ramat

2. Laura and the Rime

i. The First Form of the Collection

ii. The Second Form of the Collection

iii. The Third Form of the Collection

iv. The Fourth Form of the Collection

v. The Fifth Form of the Collection

vi. The Sixth Form: First period

vii. The Sixth Form: Second period

viii. The Sixth Form: Third period

ix. The Sixth Form: Fourth period

x. The Seventh or Main Malatesta Form

xi. The Eighth or Quiriniano Form

xii. The Malatesta Supplements

xiii. The Ninth and Final Form

xiv. The Reordering of the Last Thirty Poems

3. Laura in Petrarch's Latin Works

i. The Prose Letters

ii. Letters in Verse

iii. The Coronation Oration

iv. The Secretum

v. The Bucolicum Carmen

4. Petrarch's Triumphs and the Critics

i. Calcaterra

ii. Goffis

5. Triumphus Cupidinis

i. Triumphus cupidinis I

ii. Triumphus cupidinis 11

iii. Triumphus cupidinis III

iv. Triumphus cupidinis IV

6. From the Triumphus Pudicitiae to the Triumphus Famae

i. Triumphus pudicitiae

ii. Triumphus mortis I

iii. Triumphus mortis II

7. The Triumphus Famae and the Triumphus Temporis

i. Triumphus famae I

ii. Triumphus famae II

iii. Triumphus famae III

iv. Triumphus temporis

8. Triumphus Aeternitatis

9. Laura as Nova Figura

10. Conclusion