Philopatry, Inbreeding, and the Evolution of Sex

By William M. Shields

Paperback : 9780873956185, 245 pages, June 1983
Hardcover : 9780873956178, 245 pages, June 1983

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In this comprehensive synthesis, William M. Shields introduces a provocative new hypothesis linking the previously disconnected topics of philopatry, inbreeding, and sex. Shields draws widely from theory and data in genetics, ecology, and behavior in exploring the evolutionary causes and consequences of philopatric (localized) and vagrant dispersal, inbreeding and outbreeding mating systems, and asexual and sexual reproduction. His resulting hypothesis, that philopatry evolved because it increases inbreeding intensity and that inbreeding has survival value, has profound implications for the future study of evolutionary theory.

William M. Shields is Assistant Professor of Biology at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He has written and lectured extensively on topics relating to behavioral ecology and sociobiology, with special emphasis on the interface between genetics and behavior and ecology.


"The book is a substantial contribution to the field of genetics and evolution, and has broad relevance for ecologists. " — Jeffrey B. Mitton, University of Colorado