Philosophy in Britain Today

Edited by S. G. Shanker

Paperback : 9780887064906, 315 pages, November 1986
Hardcover : 9780887064890, 315 pages, November 1986

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These essays offer a fascinating and lively synopsis of the work of some of the most important thinkers in Britain today. The authors represent a wide cross-section of BritainÕs current philosophical spectrum, resulting in a stimulating intellectual profile of the leaders of a community which dominated Western philosophy for much of the twentieth century.

What makes a man or woman a philosopher? What are the new directions being pursued by British philosophy today? How do philosophers see their own development, and what are the roots of their distinctive contributions? What are the major problems which preoccupy British philosophers today? The distinguished philosophers who have contributed to this book address these questions as well as other topics of interest. All have provided brief 'intellectual autobiographies,' including sketches of their individual concerns and how those concerns have developed throughout their careers.

S. G. Shanker is Special Associate Professor in Philosophy at York University, Ontario.