Pistols and Hearts

By Sibyl James

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337411, 36 pages, August 2010

Table of contents

Opening the Barrio

The Elegance of Chicken Vendors

The Singer in the Plaza

La Luz

The Carrier of Pecans

Marrying the Bus Driver

My Name in Milagros

Unleavened Bread

Guadalajara Wife

So It Goes

Folklorico Ballet

The Young Torero

Heaven’s Laundry

Stigmata Me, Baby

Si Su Amiga

Gringos and Mexicanos

Whether to Cumbia

Accidents of Dance

Garter Hold-Up

Death Mama

In the Belly of the Artist

Loving Older Men Again

Without Question

In This, My Country

A Night Made of Tangos


"First finalist for the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Award for 2008, Sibyl James's Pistols and Hearts captures the beauty and ruggedness of daily life in Mexico through inventive lyricism. Oscillating between English and Spanish, declarations of love and regret, the oracular and the ordinary, a transcontinental vision emerges, both deeply personal and fiercely public. " –Pauline Uchmanowicz, Final Judge