Radicalism in Mediterranean France

Its Rise and Decline, 1848-1914

By Leo A. Loubere

Hardcover : 9780873950947, 258 pages, June 1974

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Chapter One: The Setting, 1848

Chapter Two: Emergence of the Extreme Left, 1848–1849

Chapter Three: The Martyrdom, 1849–1851

Chapter Four: Viticultural Expansion and Political Quiescence, 1852–1869

Chapter Five: Advent of an Era of Crises: The Phylloxera, 1869–1881

Chapter Six: The Political Sociology of Radicalism in an Era of Economic Crisis, 1881–1885

Chapter Seven: Era of Political Crises, 1889–1900

Chapter Eight: Characteristics of the Radical Movement, 1881–1900

Chapter Nine: Wine Crisis Again, 1901–1907

Chapter Ten: Radicalism versus Socialism, 1902–1914





Exploring the geographic area of southern France that has been largely neglected by historians, this book attempts to identify the forces producing change. Concentrating on an analysis of the Radical movement and the wine industry, the author combines four approaches to the study: those of history, electoral sociology, quantitative analysis, and human geography.