Religion and Culture

Essays in Honor of Bernard Lonergan, S. J.

Edited by Timothy P. Fallon, SJ, and Philip Boo Riley

Hardcover : 9780887062896, 395 pages, January 1987

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While the framework of this book is Lonergan, the essays stand as original and constructive works in a number of fields and topics. The theme of the relation of religion to culture is addressed from four orientations: philosophy, theology, human science, and economics. The contributors include Stephen Toulmin, Frederick Crowe, S. J., Sebastian Moore, Walter Conn, and William Johnston, S. J. Topics covered include process thought, historical-mindedness, mysticism, religious truth and language, nuclear war, and economic transformation.

Lonergan's monumental Insight (1957) and Method in Theology (1972) are substantial and powerful. The key to these and other works is method. Lonergan's thought rests on the subject's intelligent and responsible self-appropriation, grounded in creative and cooperative work from diverse disciplines. This volume demonstrates the richness and importance of the methodical collaboration called for by one of our century's greatest minds.

Timothy P. Fallon, S. J. is Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Philip Boo Riley is Associate Professor in the Religious Studies Department at the University of Santa Clara.