Sean O'Faolain's Irish Vision

By Richard Bonaccorso

Paperback : 9780887065378, 167 pages, July 1987
Hardcover : 9780887065361, 167 pages, July 1987

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Table of contents


ONE  A Life Won for Literature

TWO  Nationality and Beyond

THREE  The Spirit of Physical Life

FOUR  Extensions of Irishness





This book examines the personality, cultural inheritance, social commentary, literary art, and representative qualities of Sean O'Faolain, dean of modern Irish literature. It updates O'Faolain's significance as a world-class writer and reinterprets his career of over fifty years from a universalist perspective. It also explores O'Faolain's vital relationship with his native culture, conceiving him as representative Irish writer, self-conscious Irishman and Irish citizen-of-the-world.

Richard Bonaccorso is Professor of English at Central Connecticut State University.


"Urbanity and clarity distinguish this text. I found a sensitive reading of a man's body of work, in its historical context, that persuasively argues O'Faolain's qualities as a world-class writer. With commendable succinctness, the author has put even the novice reader in touch with O'Faolain and his work. It is the best treatment of this subject I've seen. Bonaccorso deftly summarizes plots and situations so that every sort of reader, from the high schooler doing a book report to the graduate student in search of a battleground, will find the book engaging. " — Robert Kelly

"Sean O'Faolain is a master of short fiction and the Doyen of Modern Irish Literature. Mr. Bonaccorso's study substantiates both claims. He has provided an excellent synopsis of O'Faolain's narrative technique as well as original criticism, and he does an outstanding job of placing O'Faolain in the literary tradition. " — Dan Casey