Social Dialectics

Nation and Revolution (vol. 2)

By Anouar Abdel-Malek
Translated by M. Gonzalez

Paperback : 9780873955034, 214 pages, June 1981
Hardcover : 9780873955010, 214 pages, June 1981

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Table of contents


Part I. The Nation as Crucible
1. National formations in the Three Continents: Outline of a Typology
2. Sociology of National Development: Problems of Conceptualisation
3. The Scientist as 'Civic Man'
4. The Army in the Nation: a Contribution to the Theory of Power
Part II. Imperialism, Hegemony and National Liberation
5. Historical Surplus Value
6. Marxism and National Liberation: a Statement of the Theoretical Problem
7. The Sociology of Imperialism
Part III. Overtures to a New Prospective
8. The Thrust of Socialist Thought: Positions
9. The United Front as Historical Strategy
10. East Wind: the Historical Position of the Civilisational Project
Notes and References


In Nation and Revolution, Anouar Abdel-Malek examines the dynamics of power and social change and shows how the super-imposition of new geo-politics on the existing order of national states has brought about the primacy of the political in contemporary history. Taking issue with those who maintain that the Western proletariat constitutes the main impetus for social change today, Abdel-Malek argues that the united front historically necessary to break the hold of hegemonism will be based on a new "East Wind" combining mighty waves of national liberation and social revolution.

Anouar Abdel-Malek is a universalist in an age of narrow specialisms, a leading thinker and scholar of the Orient whose central concern is with the formulation of a genuinely universal body of social and political theory based on the dialectical interaction of the Orient and the West. Although his work has been published throughout the world and in many languages, it is only with the publication of this translation of Social Dialectics that his most important writings have become accessible to an English-speaking readership.