Structuralism in Sociology

An Approach to Knowledge

By Fred Emil Katz

Hardcover : 9780873953184, 218 pages, June 1976

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Table of contents


Part I. Embeddedness of Knowledge
1. Indeterminacy and the Structure of Systems
2. Indeterminacy and Social Systems
3. Separation and Fusion of Social Structures: The Case of Social Roles

Part II. Translation Processes
4. The Sociology of Translation: A Third Culture
5. Pursuit of Scientific Theory: The Case of Sociology

Part III. Deployment of Knowledge in Social Contexts
6. The Learning of Roles: The Case for Discontinuous Preparation for Adulthood
7. Harnessing Knowledge amid Status Struggles: The Case of Nurses in Hospitals



Presents original concepts concerning the sociology of role theory, knowledge, and structuralism; organizes certain other concepts in a new and fruitful way; and introduces perspectives (e. g., indeterminacy, autonomy) in an illuminating manner. Apt illustrations, diagrams, and elaborate comments are presented on each theory.


"Particularly useful for advanced undergraduates in sociology. " — CHOICE