Studies in the Philosophy of J. N. Findlay

Edited by Robert S. Cohen, Richard M. Martin, and Merold Westphal

Paperback : 9780873957946, 478 pages, June 1985
Hardcover : 9780873957953, 478 pages, June 1985

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Table of contents

John R. Silber

1. My Life: 1903-1973
J. N. Findlay

2. My Encounters With Wittgenstein
J. N. Findlay

3. Findlay and Wittgenstein
Raymond Plant

4. Findlay's Philosophy of Mind
Edward S. Casey

5. Findlay, Husserl and the Epochē
David Carr

6. J. N. Findlay: Ethics and Objectivity
Crawford L. Elder

7. Findlay's Aesthetic Thought and its Metaphysical Setting
Ronald Hepburn

8. Findlay and Hegel's Naturphilosophie
Errol E. Harris

9. Theistic Proofs and Disproofs: The Findlay Paradox
Charles Hartshorne

10. Recollection and Recognition in Findlay's Thought
Merold Westphal

11. Findlay and Plato
James Doull

12. The Absolute
W. H. Walsh

13. Do Philosophers Need an Absolute, and Which One?
Klaus Hartmann

14. Values and Intentions: Does Consciousness Matter?
David Weissman

15. Tense and Temporality: Findlay on Time
Douglas Lackey

16. The Speculative Mysticism of J. N. Findlay
Alan M. Olson

17. The Essence of a Person
Peter Bertocci

18. The Distinctness of Persons
Hywel D. Lewis

19. Salvation as a Philosophical Category
Erazim Kohák

20. Can God Know Me?
Francis X. J. Coleman

21. Ultimate Non-Existence Revisited
Ninian Smart

22. On Eidos, Instance, and Aspect
R. M. Martin

23. Hegel's Scientific Mythopiesis in Historical Perspective
Joseph Agassi

J. N. Findlay

Bibliography of the Works of J. N. Findlay


For the first time, this volume presents a series of critical and constructive studies in the philosophy of J. N. Findlay. His contributions to both historical and systematic philosophy are examined by outstanding authors in the field, many of whom are his former students and colleagues. The value of these essays is heightened by Findlay's own contributions: two autobiographical chapters detail the evolution of his thought and relationships, and in a final section of comments, he evaluates and responds to the studies in this collection.

Robert S. Cohen is Professor of Physics and Philosophy at Boston University and Chairman of the Center for the Philosophy and History of Science. He is author of Physical Science, numerous articles in his field, and editor of three series: The Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, The Vienna Circle Collection, and Studies in the History of Modern Science. R. M. Martin is a research associate at the Boston University Center for the Philosophy and History of Science and Professor of Philosophy at Northwestern University. His latest book is Mind, Modality, Meaning and Method from SUNY Press. Chairman of the Philosophy Department at Hope College, Merold Westphal is author of History and Truth in Hegel's Phenomenology, numerous articles and past president of the Hegel Society of America.


"Findlay eminently deserves to have such a volume; the people who are contributing are excellent; the topics covered show his and their wide range. " — Paul Weiss

"The topic of this book is very significant. Findlay has gone his own way, reacted or responded to philosophical fashions, yet never been swept away. Often seeming on the sidelines, he was continuously preparing a set of positions which now must be given serious consideration. " — William Reese