Tenure in the Sacred Grove

Issues and Strategies for Women and Minority Faculty

Edited by Joanne E. Cooper & Dannelle D. Stevens

Subjects: Women's Studies
Series: SUNY series in Women in Education
Paperback : 9780791453025, 264 pages, February 2002
Hardcover : 9780791453018, 264 pages, February 2002

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Table of contents


Part I. Surveying the Landscape of the Sacred Grove

1. The Journey Toward Tenure
Joanne E. Cooper and Dannelle D. Stevens

2. Case Studies: Learning from Others
Joanne E. Cooper and Jacqueline B. Temple

3. Making the Persuasive Tenure Case: Pitfalls and Possibilities
Phyllis Bronstein and Judith A. Ramaley

4. Tenure and Academic Freedom in the Academy: Historical Parameters and New Challenges
William G. Tierney

Part II. Faculty as Individual Learners: Sharing Personal Perspectives

5. Finding a Home in the Academy: Confronting Racism and Ageism
Joanne E. Cooper, Anna M. Ortiz, Maenette K. P. Benham, and Mary Woods Scherr

6. Balancing Work and Family
Michelle Collay

7. Coping with Feelings of Fraudulence
Janice Koch

8. The Caged Bird Sings: On Being Different and the Role of Advocacy
Barbara K. Curry

9. Resisting Common Injustice: Tenure Politics, Department Politics, Gay and Lesbian Politics
Patricia M. McDonough

Part III. The Process of Getting Tenure: Advice Along the Way

10. Writing and Publishing
Sandra Hollingsworth

11. Teaching: Academic Whitewater Rafting
Joanne E. Cooper and Sheryl E. Nojima

12. Outreach in a New Light: Documenting the Scholarship of Application
Pennie G. Foster-Fishman and Dannelle D. Stevens

13. Reflecting on Your Journey: How to Keep a Professional/Personal Journal
Dannelle D. Stevens and Joanne E. Cooper

14. Conclusion: Composing an Academic Life
Joanne E. Cooper and Dannelle D. Stevens

Appendix / Tattered Covers: An Annotated Bibliography

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A treasure trove of information for women and minorities in the academy who are beginning their quest for tenure.


Designed to help women and minority faculty navigate a path to tenure in academe, this book looks at the political, scholarly, personal and interpersonal issues. Filled with the experiences and advice of those who have navigated this terrain successfully, despite obstacles and setbacks, it includes considerations for women, faculty of color, and gay/lesbian/bisexual faculty, addressing racism, sexism and ageism in the academy. The contributors provide guidance in a multitude of areas such as coping with feelings of fraudulence, making a persuasive tenure case, balancing work and family, as well as practical advice on teaching, research and publication, and the scholarship of outreach. Contributors include tenured faculty, journal editors, department chairs, campus promotion and tenure chairs, and university presidents.

Joanne E. Cooper is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Hawaii and Dannelle D. Stevens is Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University.


"Women and minority faculty will find this a must-read because it can assist them in better understanding the underlying process of attaining tenure. " — NACADA Journal

"This well-edited, thoughtful, and serious series of essays should have a prominent place on every junior faculty member's bookshelf, a positive resource on a topic that benefits from de-mystification. " — The Journal of Higher Education

"This is a book not only for young, marginalized scholars but also for senior faculty and administrators who need to understand what it is like to be a woman and a minority seeking tenure. Not the usual academic 'survival guide,' it is based upon cultural awareness and understanding. An unusual and innovative book that merges scholarship, advocacy, and passion. " — Ken Kempner, coeditor of The Social Role of Higher Education: Comparative Perspectives